Happy Hearts! <3

image from blog.couponalbum.com
image from blog.couponalbum.com

The love fever begins today. I expect heavy traffic as February 14 draws nearer. Cuddly bears of all colors and sizes will make my eyes bleed. The prices of the flowers will be to the roof, but I guess this is yet another time of the year when the cost is not an issue.

I know I sound like the Valentine Grinch, but I’m not. I don’t judge those who take the time and effort to make Valentine’s Day extra special. It hasn’t been my thing even when I was still single. (It’s okay, really.) Staying at home, watching movies and eating take-out food are the top 3 things that would make a perfect Valentine’s date.

When my husband and I were still dating, we celebrated Valentine’s week at the UP fair, even performed for 2 consecutive years there with the band. We spent it with friends, ate everything sold at the fair and enjoyed the music and the crowd’s energy.

This year, we’ll probably just stay at home and relax, just order food and watch our favorite series since I have classes the whole day. With my tasks at work and all the readings I have to complete, I know I’ll be too tired to go out. Besides, I don’t like crowded places.

image from Apol
image from Apol

The next day, February 15, however, it’s a date with Edgran and Apol – a simple send-off for Apol as she’s leaving for work again. We won’t be seeing her until after 9-10 months. I’m sure it’s going to be just like our usual get-together – fun, crazy, and heartwarming. I can’t believe that we’ve been best friends for almost 21 years now. We’re different, but it still feels like nothing much has changed.

It’s comforting to know that I have 2 people out there, though doing their own things, who will always be there for me.

image from sampaikini.com
image from sampaikini.com

Monday. This means in a few hours, I’ll be working again. Where did my rest days go? 😦

Still, I can’t complain. Just like what my beauty queen friend, Exie used to say: “I’m grateful that I am tired because it means that I am productive and not unemployed.”

I am ready to face the week with an open heart and mind. Sana bigyan din ako ni Jesus ng maraming pasensya para matulungan ko ang mga teammates na hindi nag-e-empathize sa calls. LOL.

image from amrdesigns.org
image from amrdesigns.org

Belated happy birthday to my cousin, Don-don (Feb 5), and early birthday greetings to my grade school friend, Emmalyn Galido (Feb 9).

May God bless you both more with good health and happiness.


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