End of the Road

Image source: wallpaperweb.org

After 8 years and 5 months with Sutherland, I have tendered my resignation and have been rendering my last 30 days with Sutherland since February 25.

It was a risky decision (because I haven’t received any confirmation nor signed any contract), but I know I had to do it while I have the courage.

I resigned, not because I am unhappy. I resigned, not because I am mad. I resigned, not because I am rebelling against something. I am resigning because I have served my time and I want to grow.

I want to leave with a happy heart, because I have nothing but gratitude for Sutherland and all the wonderful people that I’ve been blessed to have worked with through the years. Yes, the journey wasn’t easy, but it definitely helped me become who I am today.

I had my share of tears – said goodbye to many friends, faced a lot of defeats, and lost my mom, but I have so many reasons to celebrate my stay – lasting friendships, a stable job and a source of income.

I don’t want to go with a big bang nor a dramatic scene. I’m just glad that during my stay, I made a lot of friends, learned great lessons and inspired others to do their best.

This is me, thanking Sutherland for everything.


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