Things I Learned in my 1st semester in Graduate School


Hello, nitpickers!

Sorry, I’ve neglected my page (again) as I’ve been busy with my finals and the workload I needed to finish and/or endorse before my resignation becomes final. I also took care of my requirements for my new company. (Yep, no rest for this missy.)

Finally, I survived my first semester in Graduate School. Yes!

Summer classes are about to begin. I don’t know what subjects will be available, but I’m hoping to enlist in 2 subjects.

Before I start another term, I want to list down and share with you the things that I’ve learned from the previous semester:

1. Graduate School is totally different from college.
2. You can still be treated like a 16-year-old freshman student if you don’t assert yourself.
3. It is necessary to have your own laptop and portable internet connection, unless you prefer to do it the old-school way – go to an internet cafe.
4. Always print a copy of the online activity you sent to your professor’s email address, unless you want to be scolded in front of the class.
5. Teachers sacrifice so much to provide a better life for their families, greater learning for their students and a fulfilling career path for themselves.
6. Not all licensed teachers are actually qualified to teach.
7. Enlistment for subjects doesn’t get any better in Graduate School. You still need to stand in line and endure the humid, hot days just like everybody else. Seriously, no special treatment!
8. Read your notes/readings on the same day you got them, or you will completely forget about them. Worse, you will only remember that you actually have them a few days before your finals.
9. Communication is a sign of respect and consideration for your group mates and your professors.
10. You will have classmates who are just naturally studious, helpful and sweet.
11. You can still get a decent meal at Php50, but you will still spend Php35 more for that special halo-halo with ube, leche flan, sweet corn and macapuno on top. Burp!
12. When your professor would make his students wait for more than 2 hours without notice and still expect all of them to wait for him, banana-que (sweetened banana on a stick), lumpiang togue (bean sprouts spring roll) and kwek-kwek (fried quail eggs in orange batter) are your ultimate companion to give you that zen moment (and to keep you from hating your professor).
13. If punctuality is a sign of professionalism, then professionalism is a rare trait among professionals.
14. LRT 2 is the best ride ever! Roooock!
15. There are professionals out there who would not take their studies seriously. Unbelievable! (Guess, since they can now afford it)
16. You’ll pick up something useful without you knowing it. It’ll manifest when the time comes.
17. My feelings towards flag ceremonies hasn’t changed.
18. I have short attention span, but I can listen to someone passionate about what they teach for hours.
19. Boots are a necessity on rainy days in the Manila area.
20. This journey will be challenging, but it is definitely worth it.


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