Forgot the darn deo!

I skipped breakfast and lunch today, because I forgot something – that is, to put on deo on my underarms.

Yep, you read that right. I couldn’t eat anything because for some weird reason, I skipped the applying-the-deodorant-in-my-underarms part of my daily routine. My theory is, or at least, I observed that if I don’t put deodorant and I eat meat or any sort of protein or dairy, I feel dirty and I smell different. And I don’t like that. So, the most logical thing to do (well, in this case, not to do) is to skip meals.

But, by the time I reached the client’s office in Manila at 2PM, I gave up. I was soooooo hungry! Since I couldn’t risk smelling funny while talking to the client, I ended up buying baby wipes and an unscented Dove deodorant (this is not a paid post) to freshen up. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to eat anything anymore because I spent the remaining minutes (before the scheduled meeting) cleaning up, retouching my make-up and fixing my hair. Still, that’s better than leaving the wrong impression.

I really hate it when this happens, because I lose my confidence when I know that I missed doing something important. I know, for some, this may not be an issue, but we all have our own demons, and this is one of mine.

That’s all, nitpickers! Just wanted to share this crazy happening.

May you all have a lovely weekend.


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