Have you ever asked someone for something really important and you get turned down?

I did. Just today. I don’t really ask for favors a lot, because I don’t like it when I put someone on the spot. I don’t want my family or friends to think that they are “required” to help me, based on the value of my relationship with them. In short, I don’t want to blackmail them. 🙂

Anyway, I need something (I still need it, as of writing this post) that I’ve been having a hard time sleeping for 2 nights now because of it.

Due to lack of sleep, I decided to come to work early today. Before I started my day, I decided to watch one clip from Ted Talks over breakfast and the clip was about taking control of one’s life. I don’t want to go into the nitty-gritty details of the video, but the message is simple – getting what you want is simple, but it’s not easy; and in order to get what you want, you need to take action.

The video inspired me to take a chance, so I did. I sent an email to an uncle and asked him if he could help me with something. I told him that I hope he won’t take the email the wrong way. I just wanted to try – just try, because I know that the worst he can say is no.

He said “no”.

To be fair, what I’m asking for is not what you would normally ask anyone., but that didn’t make the rejection easier to take. It hurt. I felt like crying, but I’m not mad. I understand. For me, the most important thing is I tried. It failed but, at least, I tried. Too bad, it didn’t work out the way I hoped it would.

I’m sad, but I’m proud of myself. Before, I used to just suffer in silence and let the moment pass without trying, but now, I can handle rejection better now. Through the years, I’ve learned that you can’t always get what you want or need, but if you work hard, you just might.

I’m sad because I’m not even one step closer to what I want or need. As always, though, God always finds a way to answer my prayers and my heart’s desires. Sometimes, He just needs to remind to relax and worry no more.

That’s all, nitpickers! Happy Tuesday!


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