Love teams are tricky.

I am a certified OTWOLista. This means I do my best to keep up with the episodes of the Filipino TV series (ABS-CBN) “On The Wings Of Love” starring James Reid and Nadine Lustre (more popularly known as JaDine). I won’t go into the details of why I love this serye because this post is not really about the show. This is about a James Reid fan (actually, an ex-fan) who disclosed that James Reid declined him/her to take a picture with him (James) because he was busy kissing and flirting with another young actress, Julia Baretto (obviously, not part of the JaDine tandem).

Although I’m a JaDine fan (because of OTWOL), I wasn’t bothered that he was out with Julia. He and Nadine were honest and brave enough to tell everyone that they are just good friends. They have every right to go out with anyone they want to. I was only somewhat disappointed with the way James allegedly handled the fan situation. I know, I know, celebrities are human beings, too. They need their space, but was it really the only way that James could’ve handled the matter? Plus, the post from allegedly James Reid’s Facebook account made him look like he was mayabang. That may have been his actual reaction but was it really necessary to make it public.

I remember in one of his interviews (I think it was in Aquino and Abunda Tonight), he mentioned that OTWOL (ABS-CBN break) was a second chance for him (even for Nadine). If this was true, his actions aren’t consistent with this statement.

If he hasn’t realized this, I hope someone would remind him that even though He and Nadine are not actually going out and they had the courage to be honest about it, it doesn’t mean that their fans are ready to see them going out with other people. Unfortunately, they need to deal with the people’s fantasy and hope and wish that he and Nadine will eventually be the Clark and Leah every OTWOLista fell in love with. If he can’t be discreet about this, then let the management deal with the mess or let the fans decide if they will still remain loyal to him and his team-up with Nadine.

Sadly, JaDine needs to be on the level of Richard Gomez-Dawn Zulueta love team before James can say that he can go out with anyone he likes and the people would still feel the kilig that most of us feel for the CharDawn.

I sincerely hope that this Julia-James issue will not affect the success of JaDine (and OTWOL) because I’ve never seen anyone as genuine and as talented as these two in the industry in a long time.


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