Review: Silisponge


IG @theboutiqueinstyle

Price: Php100 (used Globe rewards points since this is an additional item)

Easy to clean. Your cream and liquid makeup products go a long way using this tool. Personally, however, I don’t like using this to apply my foundation as I haven’t figured out the right technique that will give me that airbrush finish, so I’m just using this in applying my cheek tint. Again, go easy on the product when using this sponge.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ (tentative)

Disclaimer: I did not get monetary compensation to review the products. I pick and choose what products appear on my blog: I cannot guarantee that you will get the same results and I won’t be held responsible should you decide to purchase any of the items and you are dissatisfied with it or if the items would cause any allergic reaction.  I appreciate that my thoughts about a product are good enough for you to consider purchasing it, but I hope you get more information about the products from their own website or consult experts before doing so. Thank you.


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