Review: The Face Shop Lip and Cheek tint

*Photos to follow

The Face Shop Lip and Cheek tint (Kakao Talk edition)

The Face Shop SM North EDSA branch

Price: Php285

Very pigmented. A light dot on the silisponge is enough to give your cheeks the natural blush. I tried using this on my lips (since this is also a lip tint); however, this leaves my lip feeling dry. So I decided not to use this on my lips. Smells good. I prefer this over the Etude House Lip and Cheek tint.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Disclaimer: I did not get monetary compensation to review the products. I pick and choose what products appear on my blog: I cannot guarantee that you will get the same results and I won’t be held responsible should you decide to purchase any of the items and you are dissatisfied with it or if the items would cause any allergic reaction.  I appreciate that my thoughts about a product are good enough for you to consider purchasing it, but I hope you get more information about the products from their own website or consult experts before doing so. Thank you.


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